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Our Story in Networking

At Event Wifi Max, our networking journey is a testament to a relentless commitment to redefine event connectivity.

Founded with a vision to deliver seamless, portable wifi solutions, our story is woven with innovation and expertise. From the inception of our cutting-edge Express 5G unit to providing unparalleled technical support, every chapter in our networking narrative is dedicated to empowering events with reliable and high-performance internet solutions.
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Delivering Connectivity Everywhere

Event Wifi Max goes beyond conventional boundaries, ensuring connectivity triumphs even in remote and rural areas where obtaining reliable internet is traditionally challenging.

With our advanced Express 5G unit, equipped with multi-carrier 5G and 4G bonded technology, we transform any location into a hub of seamless connectivity. Whether nestled in the heart of bustling cities or in the quiet remoteness of rural landscapes, Event Wifi Max brings the power of robust and dependable internet access, ensuring your events thrive regardless of the location challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the answers to common queries about Event Wifi Max's portable internet solutions in our frequently asked questions section.
How Is Connectivity Ensured In Remote Areas Or Outdoor Events?
Ensuring connectivity in remote areas or outdoor events is Event Wifi Max's forte. Our Express 5G unit is equipped with cutting-edge features to overcome challenges and deliver seamless internet experiences:

- Bonded 5G + 4G Connectivity: Combining one 5G and three 4G (LTE-Advanced) feeds, the Express 5G unit ensures robust connectivity even in areas with limited infrastructure.

- High-Gain Antennas: With high-gain antennas designed for superior 5G/4G performance, the unit maximizes signal reception, extending coverage to remote locations.

- Battery Power Capability: The unit is not confined by AC power, offering flexibility with battery power options from Milwaukee and DeWALT, making it ideal for off-grid sites or outdoor setups.

Our commitment is to deliver connectivity anywhere, bridging the gap in areas where internet access is traditionally challenging.
What Makes Our Express 5G Unit Stand Out?
The Express 5G unit from Event Wifi Max stands out as a pinnacle of managed internet solutions, featuring:

- Multi-Carrier 5G + 4G Bonding: With four modems bonding 5G and 4G, the Express 5G ensures unparalleled throughput and redundancy, surpassing other plug-and-play cellular solutions.

- Top-of-the-Range Peplink Router: Equipped with a high-performance Peplink router, the unit achieves bonded speeds of up to 150 Mbps upload and 250 Mbps download, ensuring a seamless internet experience.
Can I Customise The Network Settings To My Needs?
At Event Wifi Max, we prioritize flexibility, allowing you to tailor the network settings to your specific requirements. Enjoy the following customization options:

Custom Network Configuration: During checkout, set your own network names and passwords. Your unit will be shipped pre-configured and customized, ready to plug in.

Network Performance Optimization: Benefit from a personalized network check and optimization conducted by our expert network engineers. This ensures the best internet performance tailored to your event location.

EWM Support From the moment you plug in your Express unit until the event concludes, our techs provide real-time, on-the-spot support using live data, ensuring a seamless experience.
What Type Of Support Is Provided by EWM?
Event Wifi Max (EWM) stands out by delivering unparalleled support for your internet needs. Our comprehensive support includes:

EWM Active Support: Stack your team with experienced network engineers who use IoT data and powerful cloud-based tools to expertly manage your network in real time.

24/7 Live Support: Our friendly techs are available around the clock to address any issues, answer queries, and ensure a smooth internet experience for your event.

On-the-Spot Answers: With live data monitoring, our support team can provide instant solutions, ensuring that your network runs seamlessly throughout the event.

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